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This was a weekly comic strip that chronicled the adventures of Horatio Algiers, and friends, as they battled the insanity of the Amalgamated Regions Postal Service. It is now retired!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Charles Darwin Vs. Ron Jeremiah

I could have had a go at any politician aspiring for the presidency. Of course I'd have had to change the text substantially. I choose to think this one was a tad more difficult, and rewarding.


Isaac Marzioli - The Boring Penguin said...

wow! Science, politics...PORNOGRAPHY!!!?? This comic has it all! I believe Darwin and Ron Jeremiah have a lot of things to talk's to hoping they see more of each other! And if not, then it was a good run! A mighty good run.

TOR Hershman said...

This is a most interesting blog.

Best Wishes to all,

Horatio said...

Thank you sir. I'd like to think Horatio Algiers is more than a comic strip with poorly drawn images. I believe it addresses many issues that most Americans are afraid to touch. What's the word I'm looking for? Edgy!

Anonymous said...

This was an interesting strip. . who would have thought that Darwin and Ron Jeremiah would even appear on the same page. . .it works

Isaac Marzioli - The Boring Penguin said...

I re-read this strip and laughed quite heartily the second time as well! Good stuff...Mrs. Clinton INDEED!

Anonymous said...

I like the dialogue between Charles Darwin and Ron Jeremiah! I reread it twice myself and found it be quite humorous! As Isaac said..."Sciene, politics and porn? This comic strip has it all!" Sarah

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