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This was a weekly comic strip that chronicled the adventures of Horatio Algiers, and friends, as they battled the insanity of the Amalgamated Regions Postal Service. It is now retired!

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Duck Playing Poker pt. 2

My first and, perhaps, last "Sunday" strip. It's a lot more work, but perhaps necessary if I want portray a lot of detail. Like it? Hate it? Sometimes? Always? Never?


Klif said...

...there's too much going on, for a line-drawing comic. it would be different, I think, if 'twere coloured. And I haven't seen this problem in your "Dailies" strips. Just this one!

Anonymous said...

I love the other strips. . .this one strip.. not so much. ..too busy . .however, the detail itself is pretty good. . .

Isaac Marzioli - The Boring Penguin said...

I love horatio's expression in panel 2! Funny stuff. Busy, but funny...

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