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This was a weekly comic strip that chronicled the adventures of Horatio Algiers, and friends, as they battled the insanity of the Amalgamated Regions Postal Service. It is now retired!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Devil, Angel pt. 2


sean chandler said...

In one word "Funny".

Anonymous said...

LOVE the return of the angel and the devil. Very funny. :) (what exactly is the blob-like character??)

Anonymous said...

so even his good side is turning on him? :D

metrosexual... yeah, that's the ticket!


Isaac Marzioli - The Boring Penguin said...

yeah - what is that blob character? I thought something naughty was popping up on the page (dirty!) but when it spoke, it obviously wasn't what I thought it was...because what I thought it was should be able to speak english...

Anonymous said...

Hey this was just too funny!!!

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