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This was a weekly comic strip that chronicled the adventures of Horatio Algiers, and friends, as they battled the insanity of the Amalgamated Regions Postal Service. It is now retired!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Christian Bale - Mommy Abuser

Final version:

Written by Samuel Marzioli
Art and extra dialog by Isaac Marzioli
Except second panel Horatio eye and third panel Mrs. Bale eye, and new text boxes by Samuel Marzioli


Anonymous said...

n0ice br0heen. only thing is you cant tell whats goin on in the last panel so add like a POW or sumthin

Samuel M. said...

Yeah, this wasn't supposed to be the final draft but both of us got caught up in California!

Anonymous said...

Mommy abuser?? How about mom hit him back. . .I say MOMMY HITS HIM BACK!!!

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